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Used Equipment Sales

Used Equipment for sale !!!

Johnson Viking 6N2 transmitter:

   6 and 2 meter AM/CW transmitter
   6146 final ( single )
with manual
   Make a reasonable offer!
   you pay shipping or pick up locally
   email inquiry to:ab8ko@ab8ko.com

Inquiries to: ab8ko@ab8ko.com

Amplidyne Labs 621 with outboard VFO
6 meter, 2 meter, 1.25 meter AM/CW transmitter
with manual
6146 final tube
Make a reasonable offer & you pay shipping to your location.

Inquiries to: ab8ko@ab8ko.com

DOBRO Model M-32 "Fiddle Edge" Resonator Guitar !!!

"Circa 1935 -1937"
(see pictures below)
Hi Resolution pictures available
Asking $1,400 US Dollars
Plus Shipping to your location

Inquiries to: ab8ko@ab8ko.com

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